Lukhwells International

About Us

Lukhwells International Ltd is a company limited by guarantee with the mandate to alleviate grassroots poverty by meeting its development and commercial objectives. The company has transformed into an international and regional hub for fostering private sector growth, which span 12 solid years was operated as an essential delivery mechanism for training, development assistance to the private sector and also as the hub for planning and implementation of both existing & new and Micro- Small, enterprises (MSEs) in its catchment area.

Lukhwells International Ltd is a hub of excellence for the provision of capacity building development and business training services to micro and small enterprises (MSEs). The company is a local initiative supported by Uganda and international expertise. It acts as a catalytical facilitation and delivery for development assistance to the target beneficiaries. It is a platform for public – private dialogue and advocacy for supporting development quantum between the development practitioners in the fight against poverty. Lukhwells thrust is the socio-economic empowerment of the poor. Nevertheless, Lukhwells International Ltd is also extremely sensitive to the needs of the disadvantaged groups especially the women, disabled, the youth, and artisan miners.

Lukhwells International Ltd is also charged with the promotion, dissemination and commercialization of appropriate technologies, knowledge and skills acquisition both business and technical, coordination of the private sector development, provision of agric- business, vocational skills and management information services, research in MSEs, and provision of Information communication technology (ICT) trainings.

VISION To provide high quality, demand-driven capacity development services in an efficient and cost effective manner on a sustainable basis.
MISSION To provide professional market driven business and capacity development support services to individuals and communities to move out of poverty and lead better lives.