Lukhwells International

Our Leadership

The structure of Lukhwells International limited presents the high quality, demand-driven capacity development services in an efficient and cost effective manner on a sustainable basis. Additionally, to achieve our mission to provid professional market driven business and capacity development support services to individuals and communities to undertake micro, small and medium enterprises trainins, which empower tstakeholders to move out of poverty and lead better lives. To achieve those goals, LUKHWELLS operates through several different companies and a staff-owned public company registered in Uganda under the national Laws.

LUKHWELLS’s national and international consulting operations are conducted through the joint operating companies, staff and Lukhwells International Limited. LUKHWELLS’s consulting activities are directed by a Managing Director assisted at a senior level by experienced professional Managing and Executive management staff, and by Regional and Country Managers. These officers are responsible for all management

LUKHWELLS’s projects; managing our professional and technical resources within the various muilt- disciplines; and our client liaison and business development strategies, both nationally and internationally. Our consulting services are closely monitored by a Manager of quality and Environmental Management Systems who reports directly to the Managing Directors.

With over 1,500 linked people working within an established network of over 50 offices throughout Uganda, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, LUKHWELLS provides professional services that contribute to national development in some of the world’s fastest growing low-and-middle income economies. The LUKHWELLS also includes several subsidiaries established to meet regional requirements and to pursue specialized sector activities. The offices outline in detail the location of the LUKHWELLS office and partner for the EOI.