Lukhwells International


LUKHWELLS is a multi-disciplinary and international leader in the surveying and spatial information industry, offering complete solutions for clients in fields, such as the climate change, land development, urban air pollution reduction, construction, mining and environment industries. The company uses extensive knowledge of data systems, industry standards and regulatory requirements to enable integration of systems and streamline project planning, approvals and management processes.

LUKHWELLS believes that reliable survey data and spatial information is the crucial link supporting all disciplines required for successful project delivery, and utilizes seamless field-to-office systems to ensure vital information is available to clients as and when required. LUKHWELLS provides skills in major land development subdivisions, covering residential, rural and industrial projects, and takes a holistic approach to subdivision services including lot layout, staging strategies, yield and marketability.

Services include:

  • Urban development;
  • Land and building subdivision;
  • Property boundary surveys;
  • Data capture,
  • Analysis and management;
  • Three-dimensional visualization and digital terrain modeling;
  • Constraints mapping;
  • Lease surveys;
  • Structural surveillance;
  • Mining operation surveys;
  • Logline route surveys;
  • Photogrammetry control;
  • Airport navigation surveys;
  • Hydrographic and subsidence surveys;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • And creation of building envelopes, restrictions,
  • Covenants and easements.